“See the World”

Growing up, my parents used to sing a song called “Ajala travel” I heard it practically my whole life, so I am not too surprised that my life became one big adventure.

I knew that my purpose on this earth was to help others and for the best part of my 20s I did. I was fortunate enough to create a career that allowed me to travel, learn new things but also give individuals strategy on growing their brand. You could call me the neutral party who was not crazy invested in your product but wanted to ensure success.

So who is Tope Ajala, I am a Nigerian Born, British black girl who enjoys to travel (in style) while building a network of associates, business partners and friends along the way. I turned my habits into my lifestyle.

And now into my luxury brand. I believe everyone should be able to see the world in style and frankly at an affordable rate.

So over the years I have put together my essential guides for things you need while traveling in different parts of the world.

You can also find some accessories to accompany the travels.

Enjoy and remember the one who travels sees better than the one who has lived a long life stagnant.