How about if we stop looking at France through the lens of romance, but through the lens of a ‘UK’ version instead?

I haven’t been to France in a while, and even though the memories I have of it were good, I know, one day I would ask myself ‘what else does France have to offer?’

Most people see France as the romantic capital of the world. The eiffel tower, the idea of romance and finding love, the baguette. 

After several visits, I think the Eiffel tower is overrated – I’d say it’s hideous during the day, but with a little glimmer at night, it does come to life. So, how about if we looked at France, or even Paris as just a normal city, with normal people…because that’s exactly how I see it.

People mind their business and don’t talk to you, very similar to the UK. 

So, here I was, on an adventure  by myself and think through some of my plans for 2020- the year with the unexpected, to say the least, but I’m trying to make the most of it, by travelling to different parts of the world, either again, or for the first time, and I encourage you to do so.

I like to think it’s another way to focus on positivity, while trying to stay strong in these uncertain times.

When I boarded the plane to leave France, I sat next to a young girl, who clearly had never been on a plane before. She grabbed my arm, with teary eyes, and looked petrified as the plane elevated.

I could tell she was travelling alone, because she was escorted by an agent.

I encouraged her as much as I could, pretending I knew the fate of things and that I could guarantee a stable world, I looked at her and said ‘Things are going to be fine…just hang on, we’d be there in some hours